Momentum is a community of men on a shared journey to be our best.

We experience authentic, lifelong relationships with men who are like brothers, committed to each other’s success in our careers, relationships, family, and passions.

Our Values

Connection: Our deep culture of challenging one other to be our best results in profound friendships; and we don’t forget to have fun!

Accountability: We both accept and empower one another. We leverage accountability to grow into being the man we want to be. We support each other in success as well as failure.

Truth: Authentic relationship requires a commitment to truth, even when it’s difficult to say, or hear. We practice compassion, vulnerability, and true intimacy. We embrace all men but call each other on our bullshit.

The Reasons Men Are In Momentum

  • We are looking to be accepted by other men, yet challenged to grow
  • We want to be held accountable to our values and our own visions of success
  • We want a safe place to be authentic and vulnerable, even if not always comfortable
  • We want access to extensive tools and practices for supporting each other to be our best
  • We want to unapologetically celebrate vibrant masculinity in a community of men who are responsible for their world

Men’s Teams

A men’s team is a unique place in a man’s life where he can get honest,

trusted support and feedback, from men who are not in competition for the same job, not part of a family dynamic, not drinking buddies from his poker night or bowling league, but who are willing to risk a friendship to tell that man the truth he needs to hear, but may not want to hear. This experience of being on a Men’s team is core to what Momentum provides. Basecamp is the place where it all starts…

Interested in attending?  Click here to send us an email and let us know!

Monthly Gatherings

Our monthly Monthly Gathering is where much of the camaraderie, and growth happens! You will meet many of the members, learn our values and principles, and have opportunities for growth and relationship. We make it worth getting out of bed on a Saturday morning. Monthly Gatherings are held the Second Saturday of every month at Bramhall Park in San Jose and there is no charge to attend. They start promptly at 8 AM, going till 10 AM, at which time we serve breakfast. Please come 15 minutes early for coffee and a muffin. Look for a group of about 50 men in the southwest corner of the park. Social time over breakfast after the meeting will give you an additional opportunity to meet the members. 

Interested in attending?  Click here to send us an email and let us know you are coming!

Member Quotes

The men on my team, and the men I know in Momentum, are like brothers to me. Smart, insightful, caring men, capable and strong, honorable, and committed to each other. These are men I know I can count on to tell me the truth and support me in my quest to become a better man for my family, myself, and my communities.

Moe R.

I have discovered and embraced the amazing primal nature that is slumbering within all men. I have started my own business and contributed to building a new marriage more wonderful than I ever imagined possible. I am living in alignment with my values and my terms. I still have a ways to go, but my team is with me every step of the way.

Gary M.

My team is not just where I made new friends.  It is where I share the scary things in my life and feel safe in doing so with confidentiality in place.  It is where I experience new activities and interests and don’t feel judged if I’m not good at it.  It is where I know I am not alone.

Miles B.

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