Momentum is a place for men of all backgrounds seeking authentic connection, support and growth.

Why Momentum?

Momentum is a men’s support organization that provides men with a space where they can feel seen, heard, connected with and supported by the men of our community.

Men who join Momentum can get the support and connection they need, as well as learn the skills and tools needed to thrive.

  • Support – if you are facing isolation, a difficult time in life, or are in crisis, Momentum can provide the empathy, connection and support you need.

  • Growth – if you are looking to improve your life, we can help get you the skills to overcome sticking spots and challenges, so you can live a more fulfilling life.

  • Life Expansion – if you are already thriving, Momentum can help you become the best man you can be.

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Relationship issues

In-person and online events

You will meet many of the members, learn our values and principles, and have opportunities for growth and relationship.

december 2023

16dec8:00 amMonthly Online Meeting - December 2023

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