TKOm 2017

TKOm 2017

TKOm – A Powerful Process of Discovery

The 2017 Fall Event’s focus was deeper self-knowledge, and the TKOm weekend delivered a four-step process to increasing your personal power, owning our life, and specifically, being strong and grounded to avoid emotional triggers that life puts in our path. TKOm is a powerful process that can help us Own Momentum in our lives.

TKOm stands for:

  • T: Tell it like it is

  • K: Know your emotions

  • O: Own your motivators

  • M: Man up, ask for what you want

Here is an example:

  • T: John and his wife have attended his wife’s company Christmas party for several years. As they approach the location this year, his wife starts coaching John on what he can and cannot say in front of whom at the party. He remembers her doing the same last year, and the year before.

  • K: John feels diminished and untrusted to use what appears to him as basic common sense discretion. To his knowledge, John has never given her any reason to doubt his discretion.

  • O: John is confident he would not have violated any of the boundaries she seems so anxious about. John does not feel he needs to be coached and wants to be trusted based on his own track record of for discretion, not the worst-case fears that seem to be coming up for her.

  • M: John decides to ask his wife to hold a higher level of trust in his ability to be discrete unless she can explain why he’s not deserving of her trust.

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