Standards of Momentum Teams

Standards of Momentum Teams

The Four Pillars of Successful Teams

  1. Teams create a safe space for men to be vulnerable and visible to their teammates

    Creating a safe space builds the trust and confidence men need to be open. As men begin to open they develop insight and self-understanding, at which point the team is there to support them to become the men they would like to be. Offering honest feedback also requires vulnerability when feelings arising out of hearing a share make others uncomfortable.

    Most teams meet weekly for 2-3 hours, where meetings are conducted with respect for the time and priorities of each member. Teams should develop a charter to guide team direction over time. Confidentiality is an absolute requirement, as it enables deeper trust and sharing as men know that their teammates will hold their words in confidence.

  2. Teams are connected to the larger community

    Cross-pollination with the greater Momentum circle is a central component of vibrant, healthy teams. Connected teams encourage men to attend General Meetings and the Fall Event, and they encourage members to undergo some form of Momentum initiation such as Expedition, NoMQuest, or Stroke 4. The team welcomes envoys such as Heroes and the Edge Process, which intend to challenge, broaden, and enrich a team’s perspective.

  3. Teams are Owners of Momentum

    Owners support the larger community as leaders, are current with dues, contribute to Tempo[1], and periodically step up to lead Momentum functions such as the Fall Event, Hero Teams, along with leadership roles such as Momentum Chief, Tempo Chief, New Owners Chief, Treasurer.

  4. Teams support new men becoming Owners

    Teams support incoming new men by, for example:[2] a) Sending a man to visit a Launchpad meeting, b) Hosting a Rotator, or c) Hosting a Team Visit.

  1. All programs mentioned in this document are subject to change over time. Currently, basic Tempo participation is once each quarter.
  2. Teams participate quarterly in one of the current Momentum initiatives to support incoming new men. Rotator visits are usually four weeks in duration; Team Visits are typically a single meeting followed by assisting in the man’s next steps; Launchpad visits can include joint team meetings.

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