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Program Overview

There are three primary programs within Momentum; Basecamp, Expedition and Summit. These programs are extensive and rigorous, and completion will require commitment, grit and determination. Men who complete the programs will be skilled in both Momentum’s practices and Men’s work and can look forward to being a valuable contributor by joining an existing Momentum men’s team, or by forming an entirely new Momentum men’s team.

Men new to the organization, especially those new to Men’s work, are typically directed to our initial program, Basecamp. Basecamp helps new men acclimate to Momentum and learn about the fundamentals of Men’s work.

The successive program to Basecamp is Expedition; a 6 month program where men are paired 1:1 with a mentor and given the opportunity to experience a major transformational shift in their lives.

The final program within Momentum’s curriculum is Summit; a yearlong leadership development program that builds upon the skills acquired in Basecamp and especially Expedition.

Momentum has other spontaneous courses of learning such as book studies, training focused on team dynamics and specific trainings or Momentum tools and technology used to help drive growth and/or provide effective support. These courses are generally spontaneous or ad-hoc, whereas the Basecamp, Expedition and Summit are more regularly scheduled.

Basecamp Overview

Basecamp an introduction to Momentum, Men’s work, how we live our values of Connection, Support and Growth and the experience of being on a Men’s team.

  • Eight biweekly meetings, lasting approximately 4 months.
  • Introduction to Men’s work and being on a team.
  • Experience how to connect with other men in a vulnerable manner while in a safe, confidential place.
  • Introduction to several tools used in team settings.
  • Learn about Momentum as an all volunteer organization.
  • Preparation for Expedition!

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Expedition Overview

Expedition is a six month intensive transformation program available to any man in Momentum who is seeking to dramatically shift towards becoming the man he has always wanted to be. Think of it as a super team, turbo charged to give you the concepts, tools and support you and your teammates need to excel at transformation.

  • Weekly personal one on one mentoring with a seasoned Momentum Leader.
  • An experiential learning of the concepts and tools to support others and yourself.
  • Experience how to function on a top tier team, with intimacy, powerful support and skilled facilitation at every meeting.
  • Experience an in person day called Amazing Day that facilitates your biggest break through.
  • Exposure to many of the key leaders in Momentum for support and connection.
  • Provides a way to give back to Momentum.
  • Astounding value for those ready to have a breakthrough in their lives.

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Summit is a yearlong leadership development program that builds on the foundational skills learned in Basecamp and Expedition. Summit gives men the opportunity to go deep within to build out skills, confidence and leadership

  • Personal one on one mentor with seasoned Momentum leader.
  • Begin the journey of becoming the best version of yourself.
  • Learn the key principles of leadership.
  • Integrate your best self with being a leader by ‘Turning Pro’.
  • Learn to manage your energy and focus to show up at your best everyday.
  • Learn and practice core leaderships skills.
  • Learn to facilitate the use of all of Momentum’s tools.
  • Learn to be an effective leader and be your best self.

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The Fall and Spring Momentum Retreats are immersive events where support, growth, and camaraderie weave together into a fun-filled weekend. 

Each Retreat is a product of passion envisioned and produced by a team of men who wants to give back to the community. As result, the theme of each Retreat is different. Some of the past themes include “jailbreak – breaking out of our own limits” and “men of value”.

Men are transformed by the exploration of these questions while learning practical tools that we can use in our everyday lives.

More than just an event where men learn and support each other to be better, these Retreats are also where dozens of men come together to play and have fun. Lifelong friendships are formed as we put away our masks and connect with each other’s authentic selves.


“In Expedition I am learning tools for support that truly work instead of relying on cliché self-help material.”

“Expedition is a safe and yet challenging place to let out issues that need emotional resolution.”

“In Expedition, I can be vulnerable and explore what’s truly authentic for me.”

“Taking things that I can’t figure out to Expedition dramatically reduces my anxiety and the stress of having things fester in the back of my mind.”

“I better understand how I interact with people and how I interact with myself.”

“I’ve used many of the strategies from Expedition to become closer to other men and women in my life.”

“I would highly recommend that people participate in Expedition if you want to develop yourself to become a better you.”

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