Team Health Diagnostic I

Team Health Diagnostic I

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? One or more team meetings

WHY DO THIS? Get a snapshot of team health, start a discussion that will push a team out of complacency

WHAT SUPPORT IS NEEDED? Hero or non-team member

WHO CAN HELP? Any hero

WHAT IS THE TEAM’S ROLE? Team Discussion


  • Is the energy level at the end of the meeting higher than at the beginning?

  • Are Men absent or late to meetings?

  • Is there a sense of intimacy?

  • Is the interaction open and honest?

  • Do the Men give honest feedback?

  • Does everyone participate at the meetings?

  • Do the Men give unsolicited advice?

  • Are the Men having fun?

  • Does the Team act with intention?

Does the Team takes it’s own energy temperature and follows up on the results?

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John Butler

Momentum is a local, not-for-profit men’s community.

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