Music of My Life

Music of My Life

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? About an hour per man. Generally one man does this per meeting.

WHY DO THIS? Build intimacy, understand a man’s history.

WHAT SUPPORT IS NEEDED? None, though any team member who does not already use digital audio (iTunes or equivalent) may need assistance from other team members


WHAT IS THE TEAM’S ROLE? Ask questions to deepen understanding.


The process has been done in two flavors. In its original form, the man selects his favorite music of all time. Another team reframed it to be music that represents the man’s life (e.g. a song from high school, one or two from the college years, etc.) 

The assignment is simple: “Create a CD of your favorite music of all time.” Each team member selects their favorite audio (most likely songs, though spoken word selections can be considered) of all time, winnowing the list down until it all fits on a standard 74 minute audio CD. Roughly order the tracks to be in historical order, or as a countdown towards the #1 favorite. Note that the choices are not meant to be timeless, in that what is chosen today may be different next year or even tomorrow. 

The team can decide whether to actually burn CDs, make the play lists available, etc.

Each week a different team member presents his selections to the team, generally only playing the first part of each track and then telling the team why it was chosen and his personal history with the piece of music. The man should be encouraged to reveal history that may not be previously known to the team.

HISTORY: Created by Paul Adrian for Free Lunch in January 2010, and then done as a content piece at the March General Meeting that year.

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