Intention Process

Intention Process

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? Can be used for an entire team meeting or an extended timeframe

WHY DO THIS? Individual: set life direction; Team: discover team purpose

WHAT SUPPORT IS NEEDED? Needs a facilitator who has experience with setting intentions. Watch the movie The Secret if no experienced facilitators are available


WHAT IS THE TEAM’S ROLE? Team Discussion


An intention process can be a powerful tool in help men to state their intentions without having to make firm commitments or worry about consequences. Sometimes men may hesitate to make goals or commitments that they think are “Too Big” because they may be afraid of failing or having to pay the consequences.

So what is the purpose of having an “Intention Process”? Stating what you intend to have can be very powerful if done correctly. If you do not state your intentions then how do you or others even know what it is that you want in your life?

This is a chance for us to fully describe to the team what it is that we intend to have or what we intend to be.

The Intention Process is just about as simple as it can be. All you have to do is say “I intend” and then follow it up with whatever it is that you desire. It could be anything! You could intend to have a new coat for yourself or you could intend for world peace. Since there are no limits on what you can think about, there are no limits on what you can intend!

There are only a few simple guidelines to follow in creating your intentions.

  • The more exact we become with our words when we make our intentions, the easier it is to manifest exactly what we desire.
  • Avoid using these words:
    • Trying – If you intend to try to have something of be some way, then all may get is the trying.
    • Hoping – If your intent is hope for something, then do not be disappointed you never actually get it. After all, your intent was to hope and you still have that.
    • Wanting – Look at “I want a new car in 6 months” vs. “I Intend to have a new car in 6 months”. In 6 months, this first statement is true if you do not have a car, but you still “want” a car. The 2^nd^ statement true if you have a new car.
    • To be - I intend to be happy person vs. I intend that I am a happy person. By using the present tense, it is as if it has already happened.
    • Not - Change statement like I intend I am not fat or not sick to I intend that I am fit or I am healthy (use positive wording).
  • We say things in a positive way: for example, instead of saying, “I INTEND that I am not afraid anymore,” we would say, “I INTEND that I am courageous.”
  • We say our intentions daily, and when we meet each week.
  • We don’t dwell on how or when our intentions will manifest for us; we just know that they will

In addition to writing down your intentions, I suggest that also write down how you will feel when you realize your intention.

Areas to Consider for Your Intentions

  1. Finance
  2. Fitness
  3. Fun
  4. Family and Friends
  5. Relationship
  6. Community

Next Steps

You may discover that within a short period of time some of your intentions have begun to happen. Others may need more definition or clarification. So, exactly what is the next step?

Easy, for each intention (or chose the one that you need or want the most), list your next steps that you need to do to help you realize your intention(s).

After the men have indentified their intentions and the next steps that need to be taken, start making commitments.

Make sure the commitments are doable; a stretch (would be a win); measurable; and have time date when is due.

Avoid making commitments to a process, instead commit to results. Another way to say this is, commit to what, not how. For example, if a man wants to lose weight, he can commit to a specific weight by a specified time, and not commit to keeping a food log and/or walking 3 times a week. Or for some, a process commitment such as bicycling 40 miles a week is much more achievable.

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