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Recommended Standards for Project Teams

Standards help us keep our behavior on track and operate with integrity. Momentum leaders can use these standards to set expectations for their project teams by asking team members to agree.


  • Scope: When the project team is formed, the members should agree on the team’s purpose, duration, expected time commitment, intended results, and standards.
  • Meeting attendance - Attendance for any scheduled meeting is expected unless made optional.

o If a man cannot make a meeting, let the leader know and provide the reason in advance.

o The leader should communicate the above to the rest of the team.

  • Meeting timeliness – Men should be in the room at the specified meeting start time. For online/voice meetings, other men should be able to hear your voice at the specified start time.
  • Action items (commitments) – When a man takes an action item, he is making a commitment. The leader should explicitly specify agreed upon action items (with milestones or completion dates) during or soon after the meeting.
    • Breaking a commitment – Note that commitments can be kept, broken, or renegotiated. There is more integrity in renegotiating before breaking a commitment.
  • Leaving the team - Men should not quit a team because it’s inconvenient or challenging. (Being trustworthy means doing what you say, even when it’s challenging.) If a man leaves a team, he should leave honorably by telling the other men.
  • Consequences – When a member fails to meet a commitment, a healthy practice is to agree ahead of time to a consequence, such as pushups. Consequences are a way to clean up the failure, motivate ourselves to do better, and to move on; they are not a punishment.

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