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One-leg competition: Ask everyone to stand on one leg.  This is an excellent assessment of ankle strength, balance, and psychological centerdness.  Ask who can be the last one left standing?  Consider non-contact (more meditative) or contact versions (e.g., hopping warfare).  Swap legs and try again.




Foot Tennis - In Malaysia, this game is often played between two teams of two players each. A net is stretched at no particular height across the middle of a playing area, and a wicker ball about the size of a soccer ball is used. Players try to pass the ball back and forth over the net using only their feet, knees, and thighs. Each time the ball drops, the other team gets a point.


Kick the Cow

In this silly variation on soccer, four teams compete with one ball and four goals. You can play with teams of one or more players. Use a rectangular milk carton reinforced with duct tape as the ball. Draw the numbers 1 through 4 on the carton's sides using permanent marker. Mark four goals around the playing area using cones, and designate one goal for each team. Each team must defend its goal and try to score on any of the other goals. When a team scores a goal, they must look to see what number landed face up on the carton. The scoring team then earns that many points, and the team scored on loses that many points. Play to 12 points.



Lots of silly, adult games:


Good, old-fashioned physical games (Dodge-ball, anyone?)


A meta-source for game sites:



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