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"When you drink of the water, remember the man who dug the well."

 A. Justin Sterling"

For over 20 years SBNOM has thrived through a rotation of leadership. Our Chief is selected by the membership in a "primal night" fashion and serves until he is decides to step down- which is symbolized by laying down our staff. (Our bylaws contain a procedure to remove a Chief, but it has never been used). When a Chief steps down, the former Chiefs hold the space for the selection of the next Chief and create a primal night process to allow the next set of prospective Chiefs to challenge for leadership. Each primal night is different, and they all include some form of vision, intense free-flowing interaction between those present and then resolution by consensus. No formal vote is taken, the Chief is chosen by acclamation.

Each Chief then selects his council and thus begins to implement his vision for SBNOM during their leadership. Each Chief operates in his own unique fashion and so each Chiefdom is different. Some might say that the only thing in common is that no Chief can lead the men where they do not want to go. What follows is some of the legacy of the Chiefs that have served SBNOM.

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