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For many years the SBNoM Care Force Fund has helped members of our community. The write-up below explains what it is, why it was created, and how it works.

SBNOM Care Force Fund

What is the SBNoM Care Force Fund? It is a fund created by the men of SBNoM to serve as a source of temporary loans for financial emergencies or urgent needs that members of our community may have after they have exhausted all other reasonable sources of funds.

It is a Temporary Short-term Loan, Not a Gift Care Force Loans are expected to be paid back so that money will be available for other men with urgent financial needs.
Intent: Since SBNoM Care Force Loans are for short-term financial emergencies and urgent needs, it is the intent of the Fund to provide the loans as quickly and with as little hassle as possible for all involved.

To be considered for a SBNOM Care Force Loan, a man must first meet all these conditions:
Be a dues-paying member of SBNoM. For longer-term members who are not current with their dues, and solely at the discretion of the Care Force Loan Consideration Committee, a man may still be considered for a loan so long as part of the loan is used to get the member current on their SBNoM membership dues.
The man must have exhausted all other reasonable sources of quick-response funds including their team (if he is on a team.)
Additional Considerations: It is hoped and expected that if a man seeking a SBNoM Care Force Loan is on a team, that the team discussions with the man will include the man’s longer-term relationship with money, and his habits around saving and spending, to hopefully help him to learn from the experience. The man's team should be aware of the man’s intention for a SBNoM loan request, and if a SBNoM Care Force Loan is made, that the loan and its terms should be known to the team in the hope and expectation that the team will support the man by holding him accountable for repaying the loan according to the terms agreed to by the man. While these additional considerations are not mandatory for a man to obtain a SBNoM Care Force Loan, they are highly recommended.
To Apply for a Loan: The man should email or telephone the SBNOM Care Force Fund Coordinator to discuss the situation and to ensure he is eligible for a loan.

The Current SBNoM Care Fund Coordinator is: Russ Towne. He can be reached at [email protected] or 408-364-6987.

If for any reason the Coordinator is unable to connect with a man applying for a loan within 24 hours of the initial attempted contact by the man, the man may attempt to contact one or both of the two others on the Loan Consideration Committee: Our Chief and our Treasurer.
Our current Chief is John Butler.
Our current Treasurer is Doug Greig.

The Consideration Committee Member who communicates with a man and determines that he may be eligible for further consideration will then request that the man write a brief email containing the following information:
  • The name of the man applying for the loan
  • Whether the man is current with his SBNoM dues
  • Whether the man already has a current SBNOM Care Force Loan that has not yet been paid off
  • If the man took out prior SBNoM loans, whether he met his commitments regarding them
  • The reason for the loan
  • The amount requested for a new loan
  • The duration of the loan
  • The number of payments the man commits to making to repay the loan and the dates of repayment (such as by the first of each month beginning on _________ and ending on _____________).
Additional Information Regarding SBNoM Care Force Loans:
The Loan Consideration Committee Member who receives the loan request is to quickly attempt to contact the other two committee members, discuss the merits of the loan request, and as soon as possible make and communicate a decision to the man requesting the loan.

At least two of the three members of the Loan Consideration Committee must approve a loan for it to be funded. While it is expected that if all three committee members are available to quickly discuss a loan application then all three will be involved in the decision, as time is often of the essence, if one of the three isn’t quickly available, a binding loan commitment can be made by the other two, and the third is to be filled in on such decisions as soon as they are once again reachable.

The loans are interest-free.

Confidentiality: It is the intention of the SBNoM Care Force Program that the identity of men who apply for loans will be kept confidential to the general membership. Typically, only the 3 men on the Loan Consideration Committee are notified as to the identity of the borrowers.

Typical Loan Funding Turnaround Time for Approved Loans: 3-5 days from the date of the receipt of the written loan request.

Where to Send Loan Repayments: Make checks out to SBNoM and write on the comments line: "Care Force Fund" and mail it to our Treasurer Doug Greig at 16 Dorchester Drive, Mountain View, CA 94043.

Donations: Please consider making donations (in any amount) to the SBNoM Care Force Fund. Please follow the instructions regarding sending repayments above, but write on the comments line: “Donation for SBNoM Care Force Fund”.

For More Details please contact Russ Towne at [email protected] or 408-364-6987.

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