Joint Team Meeting

Joint Team Meeting

There are many reasons why a team would consider doing this as an activity. This typically occurs, when two teams meet to share some of their best practices, unique aspects of what has worked and what they have learned over the years. This a good way to lean about other teams and perhaps integrate some new practices into your team.

Share with the other team, what your team does well. What best practices have you seen that other teams in Momentum have done well? If your are part of an established team - what are three ways that your team suffers from Old Age disease? In five years from now and reflecting back, what would you like to see has happened in with your team: Remained intact, split into two teams and grown, completed and evolved into something new, etc.? What three suggestions can you offer the other team from your experience? If you could have any man in Momentum on your team, who would it be, and why? Please share with the other team what a typical meeting looks like? What are some of the more challenging times for your team and how did you pull together and support each other? What are some of the moments in your team that have built camaraderie? What is the most pressing problem in Momentum from a team perspective?

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