Become an Owner

Become an Owner

In Momentum we call our members Owners because we are a grass-roots, peer to peer organization with no real hierarchy. Our members are truly Momentum’s owners. Joining Momentum has many benefits, and you will be asked to give back in kind with your time and talents as any owner would.

To become an owner, use the link below. Owners have access to the Owners community social Discourse platform and can attend Owners-only events.

Annual dues are $80 for regular Owners, and $40 for remote Owners (who live more than 50 miles from the Bay Area). Dues renew every 12 months. Credit card auto-renewal is the default setting, but can be disabled if desired. We never want financial means to be an obstacle to membership. Scholarships are always considered for any man in need of one by request directly to our Chief of Treasurer.

Click here to become a Momentum Owner.

Momentum is open to men 18 and over.

Payment options: Online via credit card or check (manual). Paying online will give you instant access to the Owners community social Discourse platform and is the preferred method. If paying by check, you will receive an email giving you access once your payment is received. Manual payment instructions can be obtained by clicking Get in Touch from the main menu. Special arrangements are available for men for whom full dues are a hardship.

Revised September 2018 – Questions? Contact us here.

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Momentum is a local, not-for-profit men’s community.

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