Momentum Charter

Momentum Charter


Rules and Decisions

The rules and standards of the men’s organization Momentum are contained in this written Charter.

Proposed changes to the Charter must be presented via email to Owners at least 14 days prior to a General Meeting and ratified by two-thirds of the Owners who vote at the meeting. Abstentions do not count. There are no proxy votes.

All decisions not otherwise prescribed in the Charter are made by the Chief.


Owners must be men, 18 years of age or older, who have met the membership requirements. Owners are encouraged to be on teams but it is not required. A team can be comprised of both Owners and non-Owners; that is, the whole team does not need to be in Momentum. Dues are established by the Chief and must be paid in full to maintain membership.

New Owners

There are no formal enrollment targets or required enrollment activities.


Momentum is led by a Chief, or Co-Chiefs (herein “Chief”). The Chief is selected in a Primal Night style process, which is open only to Momentum Owners.

There is no fixed term for Chiefs. Chiefs serve until they resign or are removed by a vote of “no-confidence.” Any Momentumteam may bring a vote of no-confidence at any time by notifying the Owners via email at least 14 days prior to the General Meeting at which the vote will be held. A verdict of no confidence is upheld by a majority vote of the Owners at the General Meeting.

Completing Chiefs are held in a position of honor.


Momentum will have a board of trustees commonly called the Legacy Team made up of four local Momentum Owners with at least three years tenure in Momentum.

  1. Legacy Team Owners are appointed by the Chief.
  2. No more than two Legacy Team Owners can be Owners of the same Momentum team.
  3. Each Legacy Team Owner will serve a term of two years.
  4. The term of Legacy Team Owners are staggered by six months. When a Legacy Team member resigns, the term of his replacement will be two years plus the length of time remaining on the resigning Legacy Team member’s term.
  5. Legacy Team Owners may not serve consecutive terms. After a six-month period of not serving, they may be appointed to an additional term.

The purpose of the Legacy Team is:

  1. To informally hold the Chief accountable to his vision and his duties under this Charter and according to the legacy of Momentum.
  2. To maintain records of the institutional infrastructure of Momentum such as financial records and procedures; account passwords; insurance, tax and other essential documentation; event technology and traditions.
  3. To ensure continuity of core functions that span chiefdoms.

Meetings and Activities

There will be a monthly General Meeting to be held at the same time and place, unless changed by the Chief.

Unless otherwise specified, all meetings and activities are open to all men. Attendance is not required at any meeting or activity. All activities must be sponsored by a team or other group of Momentum Owners.


Owners are expected to maintain the confidentiality of others. The mailing list is proprietary to Momentum and may not be distributed or used without the permission of the Chiefs.

The Charter may be openly discussed with anyone.


It is vital that Momentum be financially stable and that its finances are managed openly, conservatively, and legally. The Treasurer is required to publish a written financial report each calendar quarter.

The Chief may not sign checks or otherwise unilaterally authorize transfer of money during his chiefdom, but may approve reimbursement of expenses or payment of obligations by communication with those authorized to sign on the accounts or initiate transfers of funds.

Momentum is a dba of the Nation of Men, a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of California.

Revised January 2018 – Questions? Contact us here.

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Momentum is a local, not-for-profit men’s community.

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