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Momentum is a local, not-for-profit men’s community supporting men.

Momentum is for men

Our focus is on men’s work and being the best men we can be. While we enjoy time with all the people in our lives, we see a special benefit men get when they work and play together.

We support men to have authentic friendships

Sure, we like to have fun together, but we’re looking for something more: authentic, lifelong friendships with great men we trust who become like brothers. We believe that it is those we open up and become vulnerable to that, in the end, become those most important to us.

Momentum supports teams

We believe that men benefit greatly from being on teams that meet regularly to support each other to live their values and achieve their dreams. Teams help deep friendships develop.

We are committed to growth

We challenge each other to be better men in a number of ways, from identifying deeply held values to practicing accountability. We say that we are “ruthless in our compassion”, meaning that we take personal, emotional risk ourselves in order to be truthful about what we sense in each other. We believe that peer, male feedback is an ancient capacity deep within our DNA.

We support each other to live an engaged life, be true to our values, and adhere to our own highest standards, such as authenticity, being engaged in nurturing our primary relationships, and generally being willing to be seen deeply by those important to us.


When we give, we get. We see the value in contributing our gifts and talents to benefit our communities, families, teams, and each other. Giving grows relationships. We give to Momentum: Our community is only as strong as we make it.

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The best way to get to know us is to come visit, as most of what we are about can only happen face-to-face. But if you are itching to dig deeper before visiting, check out our standards, our charter, and our standards for teams.

Questions? Contact us.

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Momentum is a local, not-for-profit men’s community.

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