Board members

Ken has been a part of Momentum since 2012.  Looking for personal transformation and deeper relationships in life, he found the Momentum community.  Recalling his first encounters with Momentum and teams; he saw an authentic community of men at various levels with their own personal/professional achievements supporting, challenging and mentoring.  He became inspired, quickly absorbed the culture and continuously volunteered to serve the community in several roles.  Whether the role was out front or behind the scenes; he eagerly got involved.  Initially reluctant to step out to lead, he tapped into the community, found support and always grew from the experience.  Now, as part of the Council of Chiefs, he wants to continue serving the community and for other men to be just as inspired.

Art has been a Momentum member since 2008 and led the effort to move Momentum to a 501(C)(3) to help ensure it would remain a thriving organization going forward.

Member of Momentum since 1991.  Completed Sterling Men’s Weekend in 1991 and Mankind Project’s New Warrior Training Adventure in 1996.  John has been on men’s teams for over thirty years, is happily married and the father of two.

Ron began his men’s work journey in 1986, was a founding member of Momentum, and with a few gaps has been on a men’s team throughout. He has led numerous major Momentum events and activities, and has had the honor of leading Momentum as Chief. Now serving on Momentum’s Council of Chiefs, Ron seeks to build Momentum for future generations and extend the reach of its growth and leadership programs to offer its transformation opportunities to more men.

Joseph joined Momentum in 2018, during a particularly difficult period in his life. With support of his team and the organization, he made some major changes. Now, he is running a thriving business, teaching Motivational Interviewing in the community, and navigating how to be both loving and authentic in his intimate relationship.

Eamon joined Momentum in 2016 and recently joined the Council of Chiefs. Building an organization that can serve future generations with ever more effective programs to help men unleash their untapped potential.