About Us

Why Momentum?

Momentum grew from a deep desire for men to be with other men. 

We hear from men as they arrive, “I have a lot of women in my life, but few real male friends.” Or, “The only guys I hang with are at work or through sports, and that’s all we talk about.” Or, “I have a great family, a good career, my life is ok, but I keep wondering, what now?” 

There are not a lot of places men can go for the kind of eye-to-eye camaraderie mixed with personal growth and support that we have in Momentum. 

What does Momentum do?

Momentum offers a place where you can be a man among men, where can you find and build relationships built on absolute authenticity and trust.

We sponsor a range of personal growth programs, to support men to be their best. Many of our men are on teams, which meet weekly and provide a consistent opportunity for support and fellowship. Many, many of our men have been in the closest of friendships for years, or decades. 

Our history

John Peterson, Bill Burton, and a few dozen men met over pool and port in 1991. They had been part of a small men’s community in the San Francisco Bay Area and missed the ongoing company of other men. Together, the men formed a new organization, the Nation of Men, to support men and teams. It would deliver to men a unique combination of support, personal growth, and camaraderie. 

In 2015, the name changed to Momentum, but our goals remained the same: Momentum is a community of men who support each other to be our best. 

Our members carry the heritage of many backgrounds, with men from the Sterling Men’s Weekend, the New Warrior (Mankind Project) training, Better Men, and many other groups, as well as many who have no such programs in their past. 

Momentum today

Momentum is now a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based near San Jose, California, with hundreds of members all over the country. We have no religious or political affiliation. We meet in-person in San Jose and sponsor a monthly remote meeting. 

Our purpose remains the same as it was when we were founded in 1991: To provide deep, authentic relationships and camaraderie, support, and growth.

No matter what your background, if you’re a man over 18, we welcome you to join us.